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Membership for Remote Services

To ensure a seamless EERemote session experience, we kindly request that all participants sign the waiver and membership application, as well as complete the questionnaire and upload photos for each individual taking part in the session. This information will help us tailor the session to your specific needs and maximize its effectiveness. Once approved, you'll be able to embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery like never before.

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Waiver & Membership Agreement

Please access our Waiver and Membership Application for download, fill-out the questionnaire, upload photos, and sign the online form below for each participant, and submit it by clicking the designated button to initiate your membership process.

Remote Member Information
Connection to God (Rate from 1 to 5, None to Fully Connected)
Energy Level (Rate from 1 to 5, Low to Great)
How is your sleep? (Rate from 1 to 5, Poor to Great)
Stress Level (Rate from 1 to 5, Low to High)

Please upload photo from the waist up with a blank, light colored wall. Please leave about two inches of space above your head on the screen.  Please do not wear a hat, glasses or patterned clothing.


Please see example. 

Upload File
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